Moño Azul S.A.C.I. y A., established on july 1st, 1961 is the result of the joint efforts of four families enterprises active in the fruit business for over 40 years. It first board of directores was integrated by Mr. José P. Buttá, Mr. José Enríquez, Mr. Rafael Guido Grisanti, Mr. Isidoro M. Enríquez, Mr. Antonio C. Pirri, Mr. Honorio Enríquez and Mr. Norberto Enríquez.


Its first president was Mr. Grisanti. The newly formed company was built upon the production experience of Messrs. Enriquez and Pirri in the Upper Valley of Río Negro and Neuquén and the marketing experience of Messrs. Buttá and Grisanti.


After several years of sustained growth, Moño Azul operates its own orchards in the Upper and Middle Valley of Río Negro and Neuquén, packing houses, saw mill and holds interests in juice concentrated plants and other packaging companies.